Start With the Basics

General Questions

  1. A completely passive (no battery power) device.
  2. Provides an FDIC insured bank account to the user.
  3. Acts as an identity firewall securing your bank account and credit from overdraft and fraud.
  4. No credit check required, no minimum balances, or interest charges that accompany a credit card.

The SQ1 wearable band is comprised of completely waterproof, hypo-allergenic, food-grade silica gel with an embedded secure element at the time of manufacturing. No chance of potential water or dirt intrusion unlike other wearable bands on the market. As the SQ1 wearable band is completely passive, it requires no charging or battery of any kind.

  1. Closed & Open Loop Payment
  2. Physical Access, I.e. doors, etc.
  3. Logical Access, I.e. computer, website, secure portal
  4. Event Access, I.e. concerts, clubs, special events, ticketing
  5. Loyalty, I.e. gain points and reward your customers to drive recurring revenue

Of Course! SQ1 works with you to identify specific colors and artwork to meet your requirements. Show your university and team pride with a custom wearable! You have the option gain revenue from a sponsor by including the sponsor logo on your wearable!

Allows the user to perform payment anywhere EMV contactless is accepted globally. You heard that right, you can freely travel and transact anywhere in the world.

If you misplace or lose your SQ1 wearable, don’t worry! Your account is secure. Simply login to the mobile companion application and suspend your account. Once suspended, transactions are declined. When you’ve found your device or decide to replace it, simply unsuspend your account via the mobile companion app and your free to transact again.

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Other Questions

Yes. We make no compromises when it comes to the technology, software, and infrastructure that we use. We utilize the best in internet connectivity. Our network features include firewalls, advanced VPN communications, virus prevention/ cure, spam filers and URL filtering.